TITRE DU POSTE: Senior Resettlement Assistant VACANCE DE POSTE : 20/HCR/KGL/VN/044 NUMERO DU POSTE 10015971

A Senior Resettlement Assistant position is typicallylocated at Regional Office, Branch Office or Field Office. Under supervision,the incumbent’s primary role is to assist the supervisor in effectiveresettlement delivery of a given UNHCR Office in accordance with the UNHCRResettlement Handbook, UNHCR Manual and relevant policy papers and publications.The Senior Resettlement Assistant provides important clerical and administrativesupport to resettlement operations and may as required take part in assessingcases for resettlement and conducting interviews. The incumbent maintainsfrequent contacts with his/her supervisor, relevant colleagues within the sameOffice or Offices under purview to exchange information and discuss issues onresettlement cases. Some contacts and communication at a working level arerequired with Embassy / Immigration Officials of resettlement countries, IOM as well as with other operating partners regardingresettlement issues.


Shortlisted candidates may be required to sitfor a test. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. No late applicationswill be accepted.

UNHCR is committed to diversity and welcomesapplications from qualified candidates regardless of disability, genderidentity, marital or civil partnership status, race, color or ethnic andnational origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

UNHCR does not charge a fee at any stage of therecruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training orany other fees). Should you be asked for a fee or a benefit at any stage ofthis process, please report your concern to UNHCR’s Investigation Service (inspector@unhcr.org).





·        UNHCR’sresettlement policies and standards are correctly and coherently applied.

·        Personsof concern are made aware of UNHCR’s resettlement procedures and have fair andtransparent access to and participation in the resettlement process.

·        Suspectedfraud in the resettlement process is promptly reported).



·        Carryout preliminary interviews and initial assessments, to process refugees forresettlement following established procedures.

·        Preparewritten documentation for resettlement submission; ensure that records / filesof individual cases are updated in a systematic and timely manner.

·        Assessand review individual resettlement cases and prepare individual / groupsubmission for scrutiny by the supervisor.

·        Providepersons of concern with up-to-date and accurate information on UNHCR’sresettlement policies and procedures.

·        Complywith UNHCR’s standard operating procedures on resettlement, ensuring timelyaction on cases.

·        Followup on cases from time of submission to final decision and departure; ensureeffective in-country communication on the status and follow-up on persons ofconcern being considered for resettlement.

·        Assistin maintaining and updating proGres or Consolidated Online ResettlementTracking System (CORTS) database and provide technical support.

·        Coordinatetravel and departure arrangements for refugees accepted for resettlement.

·        Organizelogistical support for governments undertaking resettlement missions.

·        Provideadministrative support for resettlement-related training activities, includingorganization of resettlement workshops and meetings as required.

·        Maintainaccurate resettlement statistics as well as up-to-date records on individualcases; assist in the preparation of reports.

·        Draft/ type routine correspondence to Field Offices / Regional Offices /Headquarters.

·        Systematicallyapply an Age, Gender and Diversity perspective in all aspects of theresettlement process; comply with UNHCR policy and guidelines on HIV/AIDS.

·        Assistin mitigating resettlement fraud by reporting suspected fraud.



·        Recommendeligible cases for resettlement consideration.

Provide counselling to persons of concern.




·        Completionof the Secondary Education with certificate/training in training inInternational Law, International Relations or related fields required.

  • Minimum 4 years of previous job experience relevant to the function.
  • Computer skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of English and working knowledge of another relevant UN language or local language.
  • Analytical Thinking.
  • Planning and Organizing.
  • Stakeholder Management.

Autres informations


·        Goodknowledge of resettlement issues and UNHCR resettlement policies andoperational applications.

·        Completionof UNHCR specific learning/training activities (e.g., PLPand RSD/Resettlement Learning Programme, resettlement anti-fraud workshop)..




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