Title of Post: Communication Intern Vacancy Notice: Vacancy announcement: 19/HCR/KGL/VN/015 Post Number 01
Duty Station: Kigali Category and Level: 1 Closing date of application: 2019-03-22 Duration of assignment: 6 months
Organizational Context

The Office of the United Nations HighCommissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the UnitedNations General Assembly. UNHCR’s mandate under the Statute of the Office ofthe United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is to lead and co-ordinateaction for international protection to refugees; seek permanent solutions forthe problems of refugees and safeguard refugee rights and well-being. UNHCR hasan additional mandate concerning issues of statelessness, as it is given adesignated role under Article 11 of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction ofStatelessness.




UNHCR is looking for a dynamic and creative Communications Intern tosupport us in our Innovation Service and Community-Based Protection. We arelooking for someone who enjoys story-telling, enhancing multiple ways ofcommunicating with different audiences, including refugees and hostcommunities, as well as and strengthening ways for people of all age, genderand diversity groups to provide feedback to the organization, accessinginformation and participate in recreational and educational activities in thenewly established Community Centre in Kigali. The intern will be working withthe UNHCR Community-Based Protection Team in Kigali, to help develop andconduct an information and communication assessment in the refugee community.The intern will need to be pro-active in engaging with multiple stakeholdersand assist us in the further development of community feedback tools, supportenhancing general community engagement and in the effective activation of theCommunity Centre. As a member of UNHCR’s Innovation Service and theCommunity-Based Protection Team, the intern will adopt a values-based approachto innovation; we are looking for an intern who brings adaptability,transparency, humility, an eagerness to learn to their work and who will applyUNHCR’s Age, Gender and Diversity Policy, as well as the principles of Accountabilityto Affected Populations.


Under the direct supervision of Associate Protection Officer (CBP), the intern will support with the following tasks:

  Assisting in the organization of a training in communication and assessment methodologies, with multiple stakeholders;

  • Co-designing assessment methodology for a community based information and communications assessment, with multiple stakeholders;
  • Administering a survey using Kobo-Toolbox;
  • Supporting the Innovation Service in creating non-traditional approaches to storytelling and narratives;
  • Assist in applying a science-driven framework to UNHCR’s communication work and creating compelling stories to build understanding and engagement for innovation in the humanitarian sector. Developing story boards and using their creativity to understand diverse ways of telling stories;
  • Identify gaps in communication and feedback mechanisms in the refugee community and other persons of concern;
  • Support UNHCR, its implementing partners in collaboration with community mobilizers in the activation of the Community Centre in Kigali with a focus on identifying and setting up effective mechanisms to reach out to persons of concern of all age, gender and diversity groups and to ensure their participation in the design and role out of activities in the center
  • Regular meetings with UNHCR’s Community-Based Protection Team in Kigali
  • Weekly remote meetings with the UNHCR innovation teams based in Nairobi and Geneva
  • Independently carrying out tasks as set out by the supervisor
  • Other duties and tasks by supervisor






Minimum Qualification

?   Be a recent graduate  or currentstudent in a graduate/undergraduate school programme from a university orhigher education facility accredited by UNESCO, Preferably, be a Kepler Student in their finalyear of their BA degree majoring in Communications

?      Ability to commit to a full time position fromApril, 2019 through September 2019.

?      Strong academic performance

?      Strong technology skills

?      Multimedia experience in photography, film andaudio would be desirable

?      Interest in the field of communication and adesire to apply their degree in their everyday environment

?      Consistent demonstration of UNHCR Values

?      Shouldn’t have other paid employment (unlesswilling to leave if hired for this position)

?  RespectUNHCR’s guidelines on confidentiality, UNHCR Code of Conduct and other UNHCRpolicies related to non-discrimination, Age, Gender and Diversity, Protectionof Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and fraud 

Desirable Qualification and Competencies


Operational Context

4. Status and insurance

   ·        Internsare not financially remunerated by UNHCR therefore the internship agreementcarries no financial obligations to UNHCR.

    ·        Internsmay not represent UNHCR in any official capacity.

·        Costsand arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation and living expenses are theresponsibility of the intern or his/her sponsoring institution. However, UNHCRwill help with the visa application if applicable and advise accordingly.

·        Internsare not subject to UN security evacuation procedures but may be assisted toleave the country when possible and to the extent feasible, and on areimbursable basis.

·        UNHCRaccepts no responsibility for the medical and life insurance of the intern orcosts arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Asinterns are not covered under any insurance, including MAIP, they should nottravel to hazardous locations in the course of their internship with UNHCR.

·        Internsare fully responsible for arranging medical insurance covering the fullinternship period. UNHCR accepts no responsibility for any costs connected tomedical insurance of interns. A copy of proof of a valid medical insurancecovering the period of the contract is required by UNHCR. UNHCR does not coverthe costs of medical evacuation of interns; therefore, interns working inlocations where medical facilities are inadequate are advised to ensure thattheir medical insurance covers emergency medical evacuation. Furthermore, thehealth insurance selected by interns should provide the necessary geographicalcoverage for both accident and illness.

5. Further Career Opportunities

  • Thepurpose of internships is not to lead to further employment with UNHCR (noregular appointment can be granted for 6-month after completion of internship)but to Complement an intern's studies.
  •  Please think about your six month plan before applying and any other commitments you might have as this internship will be a full time positions. Reach out to your academic advisor’s if you’d like some help with this.

       Submission ofApplications:

Shortlisted candidates maybe required to sit for a test. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Nolate applications will be accepted.

Refugee Students are particularlyencouraged to apply.

UNHCR is committed todiversity and welcomes applications from qualified candidates regardless ofdisability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, race, colouror ethnic and national origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

UNHCR does not charge a feeat any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting,processing, training or any other fees). Should you be asked for a fee or abenefit at any stage of this process, please report your concern to UNHCR’sInvestigation Service (inspector@unhcr.org).

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