TITRE DU POSTE: Associate Protection Officer VACANCE DE POSTE : 19/HCR/KGL/VN/049 NUMERO DU POSTE 10006304

The Associate Protection Officer reports to theProtection Officer or the Senior Protection Officer. Depending on the size andstructure of the Office, the incumbent may have supervisory responsibility forprotection staff including community-based protection registration,resettlement and education. S/he provides functional protection guidance toinformation management and programme staff on all protection/legal matters andaccountabilities. These include: statelessness (in line with the campaign toEnd Statelessness by 2024),  GlobalCompact on Refugees (GCR) commitments, age, gender, diversity (AGD) andaccountability to affected populations (AAP) through community-basedprotection, Child protection, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)prevention and response, gender equality, disability inclusion, youthempowerment, psycho-social support  andPSEA, registration, asylum/refugee status determination, resettlement, localintegration, voluntary repatriation, human rights standards integration,national legislation, judicial engagement, predictable and decisive engagementin situations of internal displacement and engagement in wider mixed movementand climate change/disaster-related displacement responses. S/he supervisesprotection standards, operational procedures and practices in protectiondelivery in line with international standards.  

The Associate Protection Officer is expected tocoordinate quality, timely and effective protection responses to the needs ofpopulations of concern, ensuring that operational responses in all sectorsmainstream protection methodologies and integrate protection safeguards. Theincumbent contributes to the design of a comprehensive protection strategy andrepresents the organization externally on protection doctrine and policy asguided by the supervisor. S/he also ensures that persons of concern aremeaningfully engaged in the decisions that affect them and support programmedesign and adaptations that are influenced by the concerns, priorities andcapacities of persons of concern. To achieve this, the incumbent will need tobuild and maintain effective interfaces with communities of concern,authorities, protection and assistance partners as well as a broader network ofstakeholders who can contribute to enhancing protection.  

All UNHCR staff members are accountable to performtheir duties as reflected in their job description. They do so within theirdelegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR whichincludes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policiesand Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks.In addition, staff members are required to discharge their responsibilities ina manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerialcompetencies and UNHCR’s core values of professionalism, integrity and respectfor diversity.


Shortlisted candidates may be required to sitfor a test. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. No late applicationswill be accepted.

UNHCR is committed to diversity and welcomesapplications from qualified candidates regardless of disability, genderidentity, marital or civil partnership status, race, color or ethnic andnational origins, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

UNHCR does not charge a fee at any stage of therecruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training orany other fees).


A competitive compensation and benefits packageis offered. For information on UN salaries, allowances and benefits, pleasevisit the portal of the International Civil Service Commission at: http://icsc.un.org


·     Stayabreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments that have animpact on the protection environment.

·        PromoteInternational and National Law and applicable UN/UNHCR and IASC policy,standards and codes of conduct.

·        Fostertheir consistent and coherent interpretation and application throughmainstreaming in all sectors and /or in clusters in applicable operations.

·        Assistin providing comments on existing and draft legislation related to persons ofconcern.  

·        Providelegal advice and guidance on protection issues to persons of concern; liaisewith competent authorities to ensure the issuance of personal and otherrelevant documentation.

·        Conducteligibility and status determination for persons of concern in compliance withUNHCR procedural standards and international protection principles.

·        Promoteand contribute to measures to identify, prevent and reduce statelessness.

·        Contributeto a country-level child protection plan as part of the protection strategy toensure programmes use a child protection systems approach.

·        Contributeto a country-level education plan.

·        Implementand oversee Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all protection/solutionsactivities which integrate AGD sensitive procedures.

·        Overseeand manage individual protection cases, including those on SGBV and childprotection. Monitor, and intervene in cases of refoulement, expulsion and otherprotection incidents through working relations with governments and otherpartners.

·        Recommenddurable solutions for the largest possible number of persons of concern throughvoluntary repatriation, local integration and where appropriate, resettlement.

·        Assessresettlement needs and apply priorities for the resettlement of individuals andgroups of refugees and other persons of concern.

·        Participatein the organisation and implementation of participatory assessments andmethodologies throughout the operations management cycle and promote AGDsensitive programming with implementing and operational partners.

·        Contributeto and facilitate a programme of results-based advocacy through a consultativeprocess with sectorial and/or cluster partners.

·        Facilitateeffective information management through the provision of disaggregated data onpopulations of concern and their problems. 

·        Promoteand integrate community-based approaches to protection and contribute tocapacity-building initiatives for communities and individuals to assert theirrights.

·        Supportactivities in the area of risk management related to Sexual Exploitation andAbuse, fraud, case-processing, data protection, and human rights due diligenceat country level.

·        Participatein initiatives to capacitate national authorities, relevant institutions andNGOs to strengthen national protection related legislation and procedures.

·        Intervenewith authorities on protection issues.

·        Negotiatelocally on behalf of UNHCR.

·        Decidepriorities for reception, interviewing and counselling for groups orindividuals.

·        Enforcecompliance of staff and implementing partners with global protection policiesand standards of professional integrity in the delivery of protection services.

·        Enforcecompliance with, and integrity of, all protection standard operatingprocedures.

·         Performother duties as required 





 Education &Professional Work Experience

 Years of Experience / DegreeLevel

 3 years relevant experience withUndergraduate degree; or 2 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 1year relevant experience with Doctorate degree 

Field(s) of Education

 Law,                                       International Law,                                PoliticalSciences                 or other relevantfield

 Certificates and/or Licences

Protection Learning Programme

Relevant Job Experience


Professional experience in the area of refugee protection,internal displacement, human rights or international humanitarian law. Goodknowledge of International Refugee and Human Rights Law and ability to applythe relevant 

Language Requirements 
Knowledge of English and another UN languageof the duty station and Kinyarwanda. 


 *PR-Protection-relatedguidelines, standards and indicators

*LE-International Refugee Law

*PR-Age, Gender and Diversity(AGD)

Autres informations

Field experience, including in working directly withcommunities. Good IT skills including database management skills




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