TITRE DU POSTE: Associate Administrative Officer VACANCE DE POSTE : 20/HCR/KGL/VN/029 (1) NUMERO DU POSTE 10032257

The Associate Administrative Officer is responsiblefor supporting the Office in Rwanda in the implementation of generaladministrative and resource management tasks. S/he will work quiteindependently on regular assignments with an oversight from the supervisor, whowill provide general guidance and work plans for identifying work prioritiesand appropriate approaches; work is controlled for meeting expected results.  

S/he will establish and maintain efficientadministrative control mechanisms to ensure compliance with UN administrative,financial and human resources rules and procedures. Contacts onadministrative/budgetary related issues are mainly with Sections/Units/Officeswithin the organization both at HQ and in the Field and with localsuppliers/services to ensure provision of services and resolution of difficultproblems.  

Frequent external contacts with counterparts in otherorganizations or at working level in national Governments on issues ofimportance to Organization’s programmes. He/she acts as adviser orrepresentative of the Organization with authority to discuss problems and seekcommon ground on which to recommend solutions based on predetermined guidelinesprovided by higher authority. 

The incumbent will be also responsible forco-ordinating, guiding, monitoring, advising on, and supporting the financialoperations in the area of responsibility (AoR). With the objective to safeguardand optimize the utilization of UNHCR’s monetary and physical resources, the incumbentcontributes to the establishment of efficient and reliable mechanisms and processesto ensure compliance with UN financial regulations and UNHCR’s rules, policiesand procedures including, and not limited to, accounts payable and treasuryprocesses, accounting, and implementation of internal control mechanisms,including support to oversight and audit functions. 

The incumbent may support the supervisor with theidentification and management of risks under their responsibility in closecoordination with the Risk Management and Compliance Advisor. In the RegionalBureaux, the incumbent supports the work of the Regional Controller withauthority to discuss problems and seek common ground on which to recommendsolutions based on predetermined guidelines provided by higher authority. 

The incumbent directly supervises general service staff. 

All UNHCR staff members are accountable toperform their duties as reflected in their job description. They do so withintheir delegated authorities, in line with the regulatory framework of UNHCR whichincludes the UN Charter, UN Staff Regulations and Rules, UNHCR Policiesand Administrative Instructions as well as relevant accountability frameworks.In addition, staff members are required to discharge their responsibilities ina manner consistent with the core, functional, cross-functional and managerialcompetencies and UNHCR’s core values of professionalism, integrity and respectfor diversity


Contribute to the provision of resources (human,material and services) necessary to support the day-to-day activities of thestaff in the office.

·        Monitor the day-to-day personnel and administrativeoperations of the office.

·        Provide advice on personnel and administrativepolicies and procedures.

·        Assist with the implementation of processes andprocedures to improve and strengthen internal controls in line with UNHCR rulesand regulations.

·        Participate in the recruitment and appointment processand assist with administrative formalities concerning local General Service staff.

·        Coordinate training and capacity-buildingactivities to staff in administrative related areas.

·        Assist with the preparation of staffing andadministrative budget requirements for the office.

·        Assist in the competitive procurement process forselecting, awarding and issuing local contracts, in line with UNHCR regulations,rules and procedures.

·        Facilitate the mission travel of staff, includingfollowing up on travel authorizations, bookings, tickets.

·        Monitor the quality and timeliness of goods andservices delivered to the office.

·        Manage contracts and relations with suppliers.

·        In coordination with Human Resources and FieldSecurity, undertake periodic reviews to ensure that the Office premises are setup and staff accommodation are managed in line with the organizational policiesand any related issues are brought to the attention of DHR.

·        Perform other related duties as required.




For NOB - 3 years relevant experience withUndergraduate  degree; or 2 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 1year relevant experience with Doctorate degree

 Field(s) of Education

Public or Business Administration; Economics; or otherrelevant field

Relevant Job Experience


Work experience in at least one of the followingfields: Human Resources, Administration, Budget, Finance, and Procurement. Excellentcompute

Competency Requirements 

Core Competencies:



Organizational Awareness

Teamwork & Collaboration

Commitment to Continuous Learning

Client & Result Orientation 

Autres informations






Working experience of at least one year in anintergovernmental organization (United Nations or similar). Good knowledge ofUNHCR’s administrative rules and procedures. Working experience withPeopleSoft/Oracle Financial and/or HR modules. 

Functional Skills 


FI-Financial Management

FI-Funds Monitoring/Identifying Cash Flow Problems

MG-Office Management

RM-Resource Management

UN-UNHCR Financial Rules and Regulations andProcedures


Knowledge of English and UN working language of theduty station and local language 




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