TITRE DU POSTE: Consultancy to conduct the harmonization of the local consultants and Support Service Staff rates VACANCE DE POSTE : 21/HCR/KGL/VN/05 NUMERO DU POSTE CONSULTANCY 01
LIEU D’AFFECTATION: Kigali CATEGORIE/GRADE : Level NOC (Specialist) DATE LIMITE : 2021-05-03


 Under the overall leadership and guidance of theUnited Nations Country Team (UNCT), the Operations Management Team (OMT) andits working groups/Pillars are responsible for the implementation of the BusinessOperations Strategy (BOS). BOS is a results-based framework that focuses onjoint business operations with the purpose of eliminating duplication,leveraging the common bargaining power of the UN, and maximizing economies ofscale.

 Under the overall supervision of the OMT, the HRPillar is looking to implement an inter-agency initiative to adopt harmonizedrates for Local Consultants and Support Service Staff. The harmonization of the Local Consultancy and Support Service Staffrates will facilitate UN Organizations to utilizeresources effectively and secure quality of temporary and consultancy services. Further, this exercise will simplify HR/ procurement procedures of recruitment/ hiring of LocalConsultants and Support Service Staff and allow UN Organizations to identifybest experts/ consultants based on the market price to support delivery of developmentand humanitarian initiatives in Rwanda. 

The HR Pillar defines local technical experts/ consultants as Local Consultants and temporary UN personnel such as Drivers,Clerks, Admin Assistants, Plumbers, Carpenters, and Electricians as Support Service Staff. 

The implementation of remunerationfor Local Consultants and Support Service Staff presents a challenge because thereis no existing remuneration scale for Local Consultants and Support Service Staffin the UN. The services of Local Consultants andSupport Service Staff are normally accessed in line with and through the HR orProcurement practices of UN Organizations and they are not considered as UN staff membersand therefore, are not covered by UN Staff Regulations and Rules.

It is against this background that the HR Pillar islooking to recruit a National Consultant to lead the establishment of theharmonized rates for Local Consultants and Support Service Staff in Rwanda. Thefirst step of the exercise is to conduct data collection from all the UN participatingagencies in order to identify the daily/ monthly rate of Local Consultants andSupport Service Staff along with the associated grades (if available), educationqualifications as well as the years of experience. The datacollection should be done in coordination with the HumanResources and Procurement Pillars members/ focal points.  

Further, the consultant will also collect data onthe rates of Local Consultants andSupport Service Staff from Non-UN Organizations including (Department for International Development, US Embassy,European Union, World Bank),which were the comparators of the Service Contract remuneration survey in 2018. 

The secondstep of the exercise is to establish harmonizedrates for Local Consultants and Support Service Staff in coordination with the OMT,the Human Resources and Procurement Pillar members. Detailed tasks are underthe scope of the work section.



The National Consultant will work under the overall guidance of Chairpersons of the HR and Procurement Pillars and the lead agency’s HR Specialist. 

National Consultant will not provide any substantive or operational information regarding UN’s operations activities to third parties without the written consent of the UNCT. This consultancy will be administrated by UNHCR and all relevant UNHCR rules, policies, and procedures in relation to recruitment of local consultant will apply. 


 The detailed responsibilities of the National Consultant are as follows:

1). National Consultant will conduct data collection to identify the daily/ monthly rate of Local Consultants and Support Service Staff along with the associated grades (if available), education qualifications as well as the years of experience.

2). National Consultant will coordinate with the OMT Working Groups- Human Resources and Procurement Pillar members/ focal points of 11 UN Organizations (UNHCR, UN WOMEN, WFP, WHO, FAO, IOM, UN, UNAIDS,UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF) to develop the template to collect the data. 

3). Information on rates for Local Consultants and Support Service Staff to be gathered from the following non-UN Organizations in Rwanda which were the comparators of the Service Contract remuneration survey in 2018:

       I.         The World Bank Group

     II.         Tigo

   III.         Embassy of Netherlands

   IV.         EU Delegation

    V.         UK Department for International Development (DFID) & British High Commission

   VI.         Belgian Technical Corporation – BTC

  VII.         Embassy of USA Development Agency & USAID

 VIII.         World Vision

   IX.         Norwegian People’s Aid – NPA

     X.         Aegis Trust 

4). The selected National Consultant will collect the following information from the above UN Organizations and Comparators:

I        Terms of Reference of the similar positions for Job matching process with proposed comparator organizations on the nature, complexities and responsibilities of each position of existing consultants’ levels.

II       Collect and analyze the payment structures and associated benefits (including typical allowances and benefits package) of the selected employers in comparison to existing consultants Job descriptions.

III      Research on social security options available on the Rwandan market and make recommendations on a reliable and suitable options.

IV     Review tax applications and apply any updates to the new consultancy pay scale. 

5). National Consultant will analyze the collected data in coordination with the Human Resources and    Procurement Pillar members. 

6). National Consultant will establish harmonized rates for Local Consultants and Support Service Staff.  The rates should follow the monthly and daily rates as per the levels. 

7). National Consultant will carry out the survey based on the UNHCR policy on Setting Remuneration for Individual consultants and collect, compile, analyze and interprets data collected in a written report. 

8). To determine the Level of Local Consultants and Support Service Staff, National Consultant will consider the nature of the services to be provided by them, i.e. the complexity, difficulty and extent of the work to be performed and the degree of expertise required to accomplish it.

9). To determine the rates of Local Consultants and Support Service Staff within the range, National Consultant will consider the following factors:

(a)  The estimated time required for the consultant to undertake the work involved shall be taken into account as well as the current market rate for comparable work for the specialty concerned, if available, as well as the maximum amount budgeted for the purpose;

(b)  The remuneration to be paid shall be the minimum amount necessary to obtain the services required by the Organization.  The level of expertise of the consultant must be appropriate to the importance of the services performed.

(c)  The earnings over the past year on similar arrangements.

(d)  Hardship conditions at the duty station. 

10). National Consultant will attend and present his/her work at the Human Resources and Procurement Working Group meetings as requested. National Consultant will also present the final report of the exercise to the OMT members.


   University master’s degree in international Relations, Project Management,Human Resources, Computer Science, Knowledge Management, or relatedfield.

Autres informations

Years of experience:

       8 years of Experience in the establishment and maintenance of officesystems, information science, knowledge management, system analysis and designor any other related fields.

      Provenexperience in salary surveys and data analysis.

       Sound communication, time management and organizational skills.

       Understanding of the United Nations System (desirable).

 c. Language and otherskills:

 ·       Fluency in English, both oraland written, and national language of the duty station.

  • Capacity to communicate fluently with different stakeholders and UN staff members.

§  Computerskills: Microsoft project, database management system, content managementsystems, Web server expertise, Web and multi-layer security practices.

 d. Competencies:

  • Expertise in project management.
  • Expertise in data analysis, programming, and server/database management.
  • Expertise in security of web enabled/based applications and collaborative software.

e. Respect forDiversity

·       Works effectively with peoplefrom all backgrounds.

·       Treats all people with dignityand respect.

·       Treats men and women equally.

·       Shows respect for andunderstanding of diverse points of view and demonstrates this understanding indaily work and decision-making.

·       Examines own biases and behaviorsto avoid stereotypical responses.

·       Does not discriminate against anyindividual or group.

 f. Communication

·       Speaks and writes clearly and effectively.

·       Listens to others, correctlyinterprets messages from others and responds appropriately.

·       Asks questions to clarify andexhibits interest in having two-way communication.

·       Tailors language, tone, style,and format to match the audience.

·       Demonstrates openness insharing information and keeping people informed.

 g. Teamwork

·       Works collaboratively withcolleagues to achieve organizational goals.

·       Solicits input by genuinely valuingothers ideas and expertise; is willing to learn from others.

·       Places team agenda beforepersonal agenda.

·      Supports and acts in accordancewith final group decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflectown position.

·       Shares credit for team accomplishmentsand accepts joint responsibility for team shortcomings.

 h. Client Orientation

·       Considers all those to whomservices are provided to be “clients” and seeks to see things from clients’point of view.

·       Establishes and maintainsproductive partnerships with clients by gaining their trust and respect.

·       Identifies clients needsand matches them to appropriate solutions.

·       Monitors ongoing developmentsinside and outside the clients’ environment to keep informed and anticipate problems.

·       Keeps clients informed ofprogress or setbacks in projects.

·       Meets timeline for delivery ofproducts or services to client.

 i.     Compliance of the UN Core Values:


  • Professionalism: Knowledge and understanding of issues pertaining to UN’s work in Rwanda, particularly in the field of information and communication technologies. Ability to identify issues, analyse and participate in the resolution of issues. Ability to engage others for data collection. Ability to apply sound judgment in the context of assignments given, and work under pressure. Shows persistence and remains calm in stressful situations. Shows pride in work and achievements, demonstrates professional competence and mastery of the subject matter. Responds positively to feedback and different points of view. Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines, and achieving results.
  • Planning and Organizing: Develops clear goals that are consistent with the terms defined here. Identifies priority activities and assignments and adjusts them as required. Allocates appropriate time and resources for completing work by foreseeing risks and developing contingency plans accordingly. Monitors and adjusts plans as necessary and uses time effectively.
  • Accountability: Takes ownership of responsibilities and honors commitments. Delivers assigned tasks within prescribed time, cost, and quality standards. Operates in compliance with organizational regulations and rules. Takes personal responsibility for his/her shortcomings.




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